We are thrilled to announce our partnership with American Senior Benefits in the Sage Scholarship Program! 

By choosing a Cornerstone Agent to handle your annual financial reviews, you automatically qualify to receive thousands of dollars towards scholarships for your children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews! 

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Cornerstone aims to provide exceptional service and strategic solutions to our clients. We dedicate ourselves to accomplishing our client’s goals and to continually improving the value and effectiveness of our work. We foster a team approach to client service through open communication. life insurance in charleston

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Through extensive fact finding, Cornerstone representatives tailor a financial plan specific to each client



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Within our organization we:

  • Provide training, mentoring and growth opportunities to all members of our team.
  • Commit our expertise and energy to superior management, development, administration and the other business requirements of our Agency.
  • Recognize daily that our people are our most valuable asset.
  • Encourage responsibility, honest communication, courtesy and trust.
  • Leverage our individual strengths, diversity and combined resources.


At Cornerstone we take every necessary measure to make sure that our practices reflect the highest ethical and professional standards.

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