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Cornerstone's corporate office is located in Summerville, South Carolina. This office is the hub for all the work that Cornerstone does. 

All managers and agents are trained from this location and this is where administration handles the processing of all new business. 

When new representatives are hired, our Human Resources department works from the corporate location to assist them in obtaining an insurance license and/or becoming contracted with the hundreds of companies we represent. 

Our CEO calls the Corporate office home, and this is where we plan office functions and events! 

Our large 100+ seat conference room provides a great location for sales meetings and other trainings. Even those working in our branches in other parts of the state can benefit from meetings held in our conference room, since it's equipped with technology that allows us to share online, the events happening in that room! 

Two other conference rooms plus multiple offices also make the corporate office a great place to have client meetings.

Managing Partner

Mary Jane Terry



Sales Manager

Scott Grow


843-376-3350 x 405 

What's Happening

To further enhance the services that Cornerstone has to offer, we recently expanded our medicare services and created an entire division of our company, solely dedicated to medicare service and support.  

Physically located at our Corporate office in Summerville, South Carolina, this division supports the entire Southeast and is continuing to expand services across the country. 

To learn more about Mary Jane Terry, click HERE to view her Bio. 

CEO/Managing Partner

Michael Haskett


843-376-3350 x 302

Executive Marketing Assistant 

April williamson


843-376-3350 x 301

medicare division

8550 Dorchester Road 
N Charleston SC 29420

Operations Manager

John Bankowski


843-376-3350 x 320

Managing Partner

James "Calvin" Culbertson


866-262-2245 x 600

Upstate office

1076 East Jerry Road
Laurens, SC  29360

Branch Manager: Calvin Culbertson 

Phone: 864-990-0469

Email: administration@cswta.com  

What's Happening

Cornerstone's office in Laurens, South Carolina is our business hub for the entire Upstate area. 

Upstate agents work out as far as Clemson and Greenville, focusing their efforts on helping clients in the upper part of the state with their retirement planning needs. 

Branch Manager, Calvin Culbertson keeps his office in complete congruence with the Summerville location, making sure that meetings and trainings for his team coordinate with corporate standards. 

Though a smaller group than the Summerville office, the agents have the same diversity, combining veteran "founders" of the company with new rookies in training. 

The office is also used as a client meeting place. Representatives can be reached at this location on Tuesdays and Fridays from 9 am to 5 pm EST. 

Managing Partner

David Armbruster


843-376-3350 x 309

What's Happening

The Lowcountry, South Carolina office of Cornerstone is located in the same building as the Corporate office. Housing over 40 licensed Insurance Agents, as well as a large management team, this group has a little bit of everything. Some of the agents have been with the company since its founding in 2007, while others have recently joined the business and are currently in training. 

Due to its close proximity to the corporate office, Summerville has the advantage of direct contact with the executive team and also many great opportunities to try out new programs and products first. Sometimes these agents are able to help with the development of our ever-evolving systems and procedures. 

Clients located in the Lowcountry are able to come to this location for free seminars and workshops, as well as to meet directly with agents or managers if they prefer an office setting to their home. 

Lowcountry Office

8550 Dorchester Road 
N Charleston SC 29420


Branch Manager: David Armbruster

Phone: 843-376-3350

Email: administration@cswta.com  

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corporate Office

8550 Dorchester Road

N Charleston SC 29420


Phone: 866-262-2245

Email: administration@cswta.com