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See how families are affected by their choices regarding Life Insurance policies

“My agent is GREAT! I’ve been working with him for over 4 years now and when he first came out to do a review I didn’t evenhave enough insurance to cover me if I died. But he came to my house and satdown with me and did a consultation. He answered all my questions and spoke to me in layman’s terms so that I would understand everything. He was very good at making sure I really understood everything. 

​-S.B.- Orangeburg, SC


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Financial Review

the most important thing you can do for your future

Just like having regular physical exams is vital to your health, regular financial reviews are necessary to ensure that what you have planned for your retirement years continues to be a reality. 

Whether it's making sure your Life Insurance plan is sufficient, and that you're not being overcharged, staying informed of the ever-changing medicare system, or keeping your investments safe from loss and earning a return, a full financial review is the only way to move through your retirement with confidence. 

A medical professional would never write you a prescription without conducting an exam and speaking to you about your symptoms. In the same way, members of the financial community are not able to provide you with the help and support you need unless they can see a full picture of your specific situation. 


This is why, at Cornerstone, we offer free financial reviews for every family we meet with. To request a meeting, fill out the form to your right and we will contact you back promptly.


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