Roberta "Robbi" Hemmen

Licensed Insurance Representative |  866-262-2245 x 326

Robbi Hemmen is from North Pole, Alaska. She explains what led her to a career in financial services. 
"I was in the hospitality industry for over 22 years, with over 12 years as General Manager," she says. "The experience was wonderful and I truly enjoyed taking care of the guest's needs. As with many jobs, the hours demanded of that type of position, did not allow me the time I desired with my son. As a single Mom, I wanted to find a career that had a bit more flexibility yet I wanted to continue helping people. I found both in my position at Cornerstone Wealth Advisory Group. Showing people how they can save money, offering competitive products and meeting so many wonderful people is truly what I'm enjoying now. It's a great feeling, knowing that you've helped people. I will continue to always put my client's needs first and look forward to building long lasting friendships for years to come."

About her family she says,"The love of my life is my 17 year old son. As a single Mom, It has not always been easy but he makes it easier. He has turned out to be a remarkable young man and I count my blessings every day, that we communicate the way we do. My career choice has allowed me a bit more time for him. This year, I got to enjoy several football games as he was wide receiver for the Cane Bay Cobras. He's now a Junior in High School and soon will be leaving the nest. The time I get to "hang out" with him are some of the best times that I cherish."

Outside of work, the outdoors have always been a part of Robbis's life. "Growing up in Alaska, Dad made sure we had a respect for nature and wildlife," she says. "He was an Alaska State Trooper/Fish & Wildlife Officer and treated us to many a vacation on lakes and rivers in Alaska. We had our own airplane and enjoyed flying to remote areas of Alaska to enjoy the outdoors. I've enjoyed hunting and fishing in the great state and have continued this in the south. My son and I have gone deer hunting and here recently, I've enjoyed fishing again. Nothing like being on the water...