Sage Scholarship Program

Giving back- through education

At Cornerstone we value education. For that reason we, along with our partners at American Senior Benefits, are proud to offer the Sage Scholarship Program!

By choosing Cornerstone to assist you with your financial planning, you automatically receive scholarship dollars for your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, friends, etc. 


ALL you have to do, is schedule (and complete) a FREE annual financial review with one of Cornerstone's agents and you automatically receive 500 points (which transfer to dollars upon your child's graduation) towards college tuition that can be used at HUNDREDS of colleges in the country! 

By keeping up with your annual insurance reviews, you're able to add to your child's scholarship every year! 

Cornerstone is passionate about education and we are very excited that we are now able to offer this additional benefit to all of our clients! 

For more information, please read below. To schedule your first review and qualify for up to 1500 points, fill out and submit the form to the left! 

Request Review

Complete form to request annual review- The first step in receiving scholarship points! 

​Tuition rewards

​How it works

What are Tuition Rewards?
Tuition Rewards are guaranteed minimum discounts off of full Tuition at over 360 private colleges and universities located in 45 states. Through this program, you can earn Tuition Rewards Points, which can provide a guaranteed minimum discount of up to 25% - one full year of tuition - at any one of our member schools! You can identify as many student beneficiaries as you would like (must be children, grandchildren, nieces or nephews), and there is no limit on the amount of Tuition Rewards points you can earn.

Important Deadlines

Students must be registered by at least one Sponsor by August 31st of the year that the student begins 11th grade.

The last date that a student's Sponsors can transfer rewards to the student is August 31st of the year that the student begins 12th grade. 

The rewards you earn are added by your agent and then it's  up to the you to allocate (transfer) rewards between any students you have enrolled in the program.

Submitting and Redeeming Rewards

You must submit an electronic Tuition Rewards Statement of a student's account at the time of the student's application to any participating college. Ideally, you will submit the statement within a few days of the student's application. If the student has multiple Sponsors (ie- you and your spouse are both sponsoring your child) only one would need to submit the statement. Not all statements need to be submitted at once (if the student applies to more than one college over several months you would just need to submit the statement at the time of application to each college).

How do you receive points?

When you sign into your account for the first time, a 500 point registration bonus is awarded to you! In addition, each eligible student added by you or by your agent will also receive a 500 point registration bonus.

Do you know other people who would benefit from having annual financial reviews? We will give you 500 points for each referral you submit to us! (up to 5 per client)

You may also receive additional points if you hold insurance and/or investment products with our agency. Ask your agent for more details!